Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions

Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions

When you first start to research your perfect Wedding location, you will have many questions for us. Below are the answers to some of those we most frequently receive, the answers here are brief and we are always available to elaborate and expand the information. We are Wedding Specialists and there’s pretty nothing we have not been asked or able to answer!


What is your Wedding capacity?

Our main Wedding Suite is the Tara Suite. It has a capacity from 100 to 200. We would not put in less than 100 as it would not suit the room and we do not exceed 200 as we want everyone to have plenty of space. Remember that when the room is reset after the meal to allow access to the Dance Floor, we want to ensure there is still plenty of room for everyone.

We also host Weddings in the Coast Restaurant and O’Carolan Suite – but only if there is no Wedding in the Tara Suite – we only do one Wedding per day. These venues specialised in smaller intimate Weddings.


What dates do you have available?

As these change every day, we will need to check that for you. To make things easier, this and other pages feature an enquiry form that will allow us get back to you quickly.


Church or Solemniser?

Be happy in all your choices. After that things should be easy and it’s our job to help. The availability of a Church, Solemniser and the venue are the key considerations when you are setting the date.


When should I send invitations?

Give everyone a few months’ notice but ask them to RSVP to you (preferably by email) at least two months in advance, this will give you a chance to follow up with people who have not replied.


Should I book bedrooms for guests?

We recommend you ensure your immediate family are accommodated but after that it’s best to just make accommodation recommendations but leave it to your guests to make their own arrangements.


Do I need a set Table Plan?

A table plan can be one of the most trying exercises for the Wedding organiser. However, it does give you the opportunity to get everyone where you would like them to be and takes away from a scramble on the day. Something to consider and we are always here to assist.


Can you help with Entertainment options?

We can provide you with a list of entertainment options based on people who have played in the Hotel and would be regarded as reliable and of high quality. We don’t recommend any one band, DJ or other entertainer, that is very much a personal decision for you. All entertainers on our list will gladly invite you to see them playing so that you may judge them for yourself.


Do we need a Bar Extension?

We can apply for a Bar Extension for you. However, a Wedding Day can be a long day for all your guests and often we recommend closing at normal bar hours with some time afterward to wind up the day. We like the adage “ always leave the crowd asking for more”.


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