At the Grand Hotel our Green Team are working on a constant evolving Sustainability Policy.

We recognise the need for all businesses to make a contribution toward reducing our impact on the enviroment and improving our long term sustainability.

Vision/ Mission/ Company Ethos


We strive to be the best Four-Star Hotel in the area, offering a full service to all customers. The Hotel will provide excellent service with a well-trained staff, properly maintained facilities and demonstrate concern for our environment. The Hotel will attract business using these resources and through good management of the Hotel and its finances ensure it achieves profits that can comfortably ensure loan repayment, continued investment, and the building of reserves.

Core Values

We commit to operate all aspects of the business with honesty and integrity. We will be fair in all our dealings with customers and staff. While our ultimate goal is to sustain the Company into the future, we do so considering the needs of our colleagues, community, sustainability and customers in the present.


To combine our mission and core values to deliver a product that is constantly improving, offers value to customers and is a leader in the local community for action on climate change and sustainability.

The Grand Hotel is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and we are committed to alleviating those negative impacts as it’s our mission/vision.

UNWTO definition

At the Grand Hotel, we believe that sustainable tourism is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts while addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities (UN Tourism ). We therefore aim to reduce our negative effects and increase our positive impacts.


Continuous improvement

Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement, and we are aware that we have a lot to learn. So far, we have taken measures on an ad hoc basis, but we now will organise all our efforts under this single policy. We will remain constantly questioning our actions and will seek to improve all the systems already established for sustainability. Our Green Team will be leaders in this approach.

Measuring and reducing negative impacts
Energy consumption
  • We measure our electricity use at the meter at the end of every month. This measurement is plotted within an excel spreadsheet and distributed to
  • We currently get 63.4% of electricity from renewable sources, we will seek to improve
  • We measure our gas use at the meter at the end of every month. This measurement is plotted and distributed to
Measuring and reducing negative impacts
Water consumption

We measure our water use at four points, all meters, at the end of every month. This measurement is plotted within an excel spreadsheet and distributed to management -We will aim to reduce water consumption by 10% in 2024


To reduce our water consumption, we have:

  • Fitted all bedroom showers and sinks with aerators
  • Fitted toilet cisterns with blocks to reduce water flow
  • Integrated leak detection without any apparent spike in usage over a two-month period
  • Replaced dishwashers with lower water use machines
Measuring and reducing negative impacts
Waste production
  • We measure our waste production at two points in the Hotel, the Kitchen, and the waste
  • Our average recycling levels, as measured by our Waste Management Company, is 90%.
Ethical purchasing

At the Grand Hotel we are committed to:

  • Buying locally (within Ireland) where possible, especially food products. – Buying only the needed produce required
  • Buying in bulk, where possible, to reduce packaging and the carbon footprint associated with deliveries.


  • Asking suppliers for their Sustainability Policies and using this as part of the purchasing
  • Look at packaging reduction at delivery point
Carbon management
  • At the Grand Hotel we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and to offset the remainder with a trusted partner. We are currently looking to find a partner to offset our currently unavoidable emissions. We aim at having found our partner by December
  • Our newly should installed Kitchen Extractor Fan system will reduce our monthly CO2 emissions by 2 tonnes and reduce our KWH consumption by 6113.4 KWH
  • We make a monthly donation to ie to promote the planting of native Irish trees
  • Continued emphasis on energy reduction
  • Guest information includes information on the excellent public transport options available in Malahide, including bus and DART.
  • We provide a shared vehicle scheme, GoCar, at the Hotel to reduce the need for guests and locals requiring hire or private
  • We have four EV charging points to facilitate customers make effective use of electric
Responsible sustainability marketing
  • We know we can’t always get things right first time. We therefore commit to honestly communicating where we are on our journey and our improvements. -We will back up claims with measurements or tangible
  • We will also identify areas in which we are having
  • We are aware of the dangers of greenwashing and commit to communicate our general marketing efforts ethically, accurately and truthfully
Social responsibility

We support our local community by:

  • Sponsorship of events and charities, these include Sports clubs, fund raising events for charity and support of local voluntary groups such as the Lions
  • Support for our Tidy Town
  • Provision of meeting rooms for some voluntary organisations
  • Annual staff charity fund-raising or donation event. Usually an annual drive for SVP. Providing staff with access to the Bike Scheme and reduced public transport
Supporting Biodiversity
  • We recognise the need to protect and conserve our local
  • That said, we acknowledge that our options are restricted due to space available and the need to maintain the space to a certain standard of presentation and
  • We support with a monthly donation ie to support planting native trees.