Events Room Capacities

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Events Room Capacities

We offer a wide range of rooms and dining options to cater to all types of events. Our sales team can advise you on what options are best to suit your individual requirements. Below is a summary of the dining room details for the Grand Hotel.

Room NameTara 1Tara 2Tara 1+2O’CarolanMoldowney
Dinner Round20014040014080
Dinner Straight30020050021080
Dinner (Dance)140110350140
Length14.7 m19.2 m23.8 m22.5 m17 m
Width19.2 m9.1 m19.2 m9.5 m7.9 m
Area282 m2175 m2457 m2223 m2134 m2
Height2.4 m2.4 m2.4 m2.4 m3.6 m
Day Lightyesyesyesyes


Tara 1+2 - Dinner Round

Tara 1+2 - Dinner Straight

Tara 1+2 - Dinner Dance


Tara 1 - Dinner Round

Tara 1 - Dinner Straight

Tara 1 - Dinner Dance


Tara 2 - Dinner Round

Tara 2 - Dinner Straight

Tara 2 - Dinner Dance


O'Carolan - Dinner Round

O'Carolan - Dinner Straight

O'Carolan - Dinner Dance


Moldowney Dinner



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